HI! Welcome to Honeybee’s Butterfly Conservatory. 😉

  Honeybee seems to be a bit obsessed with butterflies! Since there are so many butterfly cards fluttering around here I thought that it might be fun to collect them all in one place! So, I decided to dedicate this page  to all of the butterfly cards I’ve made. A conservatory of sorts!

Please click on each card, there may be a link which will take you to go to the original post. Also, if you check back every so often there will most likely be new butterflies fluttering around here.


Here are 2 Butterfly-stamping themed Pinterest Boards that I’ve made:

15 thoughts on “Conservatory

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  9. How can you ask me to pick a butterfly card I like the most. I love butterflies, can never get enough of them and here is the conservatory full of the most amazing wonderful butterflies. If I had to pick one because it was a do or die I would say the white embossed large butterfly with the reds and oranges distress inks blended…… But then I also loved the gold embossed butterfly with the blended card stock. No sorry I cant just pick one

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