STAMPlorations Special Post: Say It Big with Bold Birds + A Giveaway

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I have a special group of cards to share with you today. I’m doing a product feature post at STAMPlorations. I’m highlighting STAMP’s bird products today along with Say It Big and Typografia Motivate sentiment stamps.

  Check out more at the STAMP blog. There’s a special sale with 25% off select products, 2 prizes there and 1 here plus you can use my coupon code, STAMPGIRLMELISSA, to receive an extra 20% off at the shop.

I’m giving away one of my favorite stamp sets:


Comment here and over at my Instagram feed. Tell me if you enjoy bird watching or what birds you especially love and you’ll be entered into a drawing for “For the Birds.”

UPDATED Thursday, September 27th.

Karen Ladd you are the winner of the stamp set! Congrats!

Time’s flying and I have a flock of 14 Bold Birdiful cards to share with you today.  Let’s fly!

Please see the STAMP blog for card descriptions.



Can you see how much fun I had with these products?! I had originally planned on making 6 cards, but had a flock of ideas come flapping through my mind. The cards kept flying, but my feathers weren’t ruffled. Inky fingers, but no ruffled feathers. These products are a joy to use!

So, fly on over to the STAMP blog. While there, tell us which among my cards today is your favorite? Share your answer by commenting on the STAMP blog post for a chance to win either a $15 gift certificate to the store OR your choice of any one of the (in-stock) products that I used in my projects. Commenting closes on Friday, August 31. We’ll announce the two winners on September 10 in the August Winners post at the STAMP blog.

I hope that you’ll come visit me at Instagram.  Follow me there and leave a comment about your favorite birds.

I’m giving away one of my favorite stamp sets:


If you are looking for me I’ll be in the gardens and fields with the birds!

Grace & Peace,


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13 thoughts on “STAMPlorations Special Post: Say It Big with Bold Birds + A Giveaway

  1. I haven’t used many birds on my cards. Not sure
    that I’ll get colors correct. Love your use of
    the silhouettes – going to try that. We have
    geese that summer in the area, cardinals,
    sparrows, and doves. Hummingbirds
    also like this area but I haven’t put my
    feeder out this year. thanks for sharing

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  2. awesome cards, Melissa – so many ideas to try out now lol!!
    I too love birds especially cardinals – I hear their distinctive call every day in my back yard!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a terific batch of projects! Those fab sentiments go so well with the Bold Birds and your pretty backgrounds! Hummingbirds, pelicans, toucans and flamingos are among my favorites. There’s a fun aviary at Flamingo gardens where they have some rescue birds that can’t survive back in the wild… it’s so cool to get up close with pelicans, spoonbills and more!

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  4. Wow did you go to town on those bird cards! My favorites are the ones in blue because they remind me of patterned batik cloths! I love seeing the birds in our backyard who come around every day and especially watch for the little finches. We also have a loud, noisy crow who hangs out in the front yard, and he makes me laugh.

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  5. Your bird cards are just gorgeous and I’m impressed with all the different ways you incorporated birds into the design. We have a birdbath in our garden that attracts a lot of birds but my favorites are two yellow orioles who started showing up last year. I hadn’t seen them in our area before so it was fun to watch for them.

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  6. I love birds, indoors or out. Wrens are my favorite right now as they have made a nest and hatched their babies on my porch the past two years. But I have had 17 varieties of birds in my yard. I feed and make sure they have food, water, and netting material and bird house all year long. Oh, by the way….. Your cards are bird-utiful and #13 over at the sponsor blg is my fave if I have to pick just one. 😊

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  7. I love the Baltimore Orioles. We are birders in our family. We just started getting them in northeast Florida about 3 years ago. We were stunned to see them. We live 6 blocks from the ocean. Quickly we went and purchased oranges and grape jelly. They come back every year. We make a special suet for our birds that doesn’t melt in the Florida heat and oh boy are our birds spoiled. We get bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees, downy/hair/red-bellied woodpeckers and all other interesting birds. We were stunned when the bluebirds started coming. They are at our feeder yearly now.

    Your cards are beautiful. I love card #12 with the wonderful sentiment. I have been going through a trying time with some shoulder surgery and my next step is plan E. I also love the zentangle bird. That stamp set is beautiful.

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  8. I am crazy for birds, too! I find myself listening to them and trying to identify them by their calls. I don’t really have a favorite, but endangered ones are pretty special to me. I have to say that if I had to pick one bird as a fave it would have to be hummingbirds. They are so fascinating to watch. They are so territorial and can be very amusing when they are protecting their spot. I love your cards and thanks for the inspiration. 😀

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  9. Gorgeous cards with all
    the birds! I have a Blue
    Fronted Amazon Parrot,
    named Turk that I love
    and we’ve had him since
    he was 6 months old. He
    is now 33 years old! A
    wonderful part of our
    Carla from Utah

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  10. Hi Melissa – I love your bird cards – I saw them on the Stamplorations blog – Love the bright bold colors of #2 and #8 – yet, they are all fabulous – I like humming birds and cardinals very much – we have a humming bird feed outside my crafting room so I can see them when they come in for a fast feed – they are too quick for me to get a photo – but in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we had a cabin we had the feeders outside the kitchen window and they would stay awhile – I miss that place and those birds! Thanks for the giveaway – have a blessed day!

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