Bleached lace

Hi! I’m here with a 1-layer Christmas card to share with you today.


 I used several techniques on this card. Ink-blending, stenciling, emboss-resist and bleaching. It was inspired by Fusion’s Blue Christmas Challenge Sketch.

 I made this card as an experiment when I found the already ink-blended card in my stash. I think that I used too much bleach because some of the “lace” yellowed a bit. So, I’m not totally happy with result. I’ll just pretend it’s antique lace and will not apply the bleach so liberally next time. 😉

Here’s a slide show of the process I used.

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Grace and Peace,

Updated Thursday December 10: I am very happy to share that Julia at Fusion chose my card for an honorable mention this week. Thanks so much, Julia!


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