Stamp-a-faire 2015: My Stamping Island/Corner

Hi! I’m here with a post for PTI’s Stamp-a-faire!  This is my first year participating in SAF and I’ve been having a lot of fun.  I thought that it might interest you to see a photo and then a slide show of my creative space.


Caution! I did not straighten up my space before taking these photos. Nothing like some photos of your stamping spot to make you want to clean up!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m stamping by myself this year because I’m living in the Stuttgart area of Germany, about 36 miles (58 kilometers) from an American Army base. The commute averages about 45 minutes one way without any traffic problems. One time it took my husband 3 1/2 hours to get home! Being a country girl, born and raised in Lincoln, Maine, living in such an urban place has been tough for me. I’m thankful for Skype though and have been able to keep in close touch with my good friend, Cindy, since she’s moved back to the U.S.. I hope that we’ll be able to get together to do Stamp-A-Faire in a few of years. If not, I’m hoping we’ll both be in the same time zone so we can Skype while playing along at SAF! 🙂

Cindy made me a photo book a few months back. You can see it on the top left shelf of my stamping island. Thank you, Cindy, for introducing me to stamping and most of all for loving me. Hugs to you my friend!

IMG_0835editedI would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of my new online friends whom I’ve met through stamping. Since launching honeybeelane last January, I’ve been amazed and encouraged by the creativity and friendliness of the card-making community. I won’t name names because I’d be sure to leave someone out, but I have made friends from Maine to California and from England to Australia.

I would like to say an especially large “Thank You” to Nicole and everyone at PTI for their generosity and creativity. As the 2015 Year of Stamps winner, I’ve been so uplifted by my monthly package from you. With some still unresolved health issues, you will never know what an encouragement this prize has been to me. I pray God’s blessings on you, your business and your families.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Stamp-a-faire 2015: My Stamping Island/Corner

  1. Melissa, thank you for such kind words on what is a difficult day. You are in one in a million, and I look forward to stamping again with you some day soon! Lots of love and hugs, Cindy

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