Flip-Flops for my kids

Today I have a couple of fun cards to share with you.

IMG_6223editedI made a pair of flip-flips for each one of my 4 children. 🙂 I’m playing this over at CASology’s Week 15: Kids.


I used some free digi stamps from Little Tangles. I have been having a lot of fun with this free digi stamp! Check out some of my other flip-flop cards here and here.

I also made another card with two pair of flip-flops for my husband and I.

IMG_6206editedWe’ve been together since we were kids, 16 years old.

IMG_6207edited     I’m playing this second card over at Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge – Flip Flops.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Have you heard of the group “Shane & Shane”? I hadn’t until this past week, at least not knowingly. One of my brothers sent me this song a couple of days ago. When he and I were kids we used to catch frogs, go swimming together, go fishing and fight over stupid stuff. You know, kids. That’s what they do. Now we are an ocean apart and I miss him so much. Even from afar though, he’s such an encouragement to me. I hope that if you are struggling today you will watch and listen and be encouraged.


20 thoughts on “Flip-Flops for my kids

  1. Melissa, I love your cards and those free digis (I have them and use them, too!). I was surprised by how much we have in common…four kids, husband who I met and started dating as a teenager…isn’t that funny? Anyway, I LOVE both versions of your flip flop cards…the sparkle is precious and the white space is divine! Now I’m off to watch the video link…better grab my tissues. Thanks for playing along at CASology this week!

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  4. Melissa, these are beautiful cards, and so sweet that you made a pair of flip-flops for each of your kids. And then one for your husband. Funny how a cue word can incite so many memories. One of the reasons why I love this Challenge so much. So lovely that you could join us again this week at CASology. Always lovely when you do.

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  5. Cute, cute flip flop cards! I have to say that the video at the end, especially the message, reduced me to tears! I’ve never heard that song before. I’m so glad you shared it here!
    Sending big (HUGS)!

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