A Cheerful Heart for CAS(E) this Sketch

So, I made 3 cards today. This one was inspired by this week’s Cas(e) this Sketch. The 3 cards I made are a reminder to myself. You see, I have not been feeling well. Lots of symptoms. Lots of exams and tests, but no answers.




Honestly, I have been in a pit. It took a lot of effort to make the cards that I did. I’m in pain and feeling very discouraged. I am trying to meditate on the truth of Scripture. Romans 8, 2 Cor 4 and Psalm 139 have been on my mind.


This card came about from this one that I made for Lizzie Jone’s first MIM, Confetti Cluster Stamping. It is also inspired by CAS(E) this Sketch #114.

IMG_2189So, I have not been feeling right since around October and wrote this blog post on a particularly hard day a few months ago. I hadn’t had all of the symptoms that I do now and don’t talk specifically about any that I was experiencing then or now, but if you need encouragement I’d like to invite you to go over and read it.

Thanks for stopping by!



P.S. I also wrote a post entitled “Antitherest”  (Pinterest Antithesis) at the beginning of this really dark time that I’m in. If you have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest this may be a post for you.

P.P.S. Here’s the other card that I made this past Monday. I have to say that none of the 3 are what I would consider my favorite or best cards, but I am walking by faith and felt God telling me to do something that usually brings me joy. So I did. Just keepin’ it real.

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CAS(E) this Sketch


7 thoughts on “A Cheerful Heart for CAS(E) this Sketch

  1. Melissa, your card is lovely! Sorry you are not feeling well. I read in what I think was your most recent post…that you are going for more tests. This is my first time finding your blog (through Darnell… I am adding your to my prayers…


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  3. Oh, hugs to you, Melissa! I’m so sorry to hear your aren’t well. I will pray for you.
    Your card is lovely! I have been looking for some nice Bible Verse stamps for the cards I make for the visitation committee at our church. Who makes the one you used here?
    Take care!

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