Pink Embossing Paste Projects

Today, I have several different embossing paste projects to share with you. This week’s Make It Monday #201 challenge is Cover Plate Stencils and Embossing Paste. I’m also going to play this card over at SSS’s Wednesday Challenge: Add a Little Texture



I did not have embossing paste, so I made some of my own. (See the recipe below.) I’m pretty happy with the result. PTI’s heart cover plate die is seeing a lot of use around here recently! This time I used it as a stencil. I’m going to be playing some cards over at Craft Stamper Magazine’s Take It Make It February Challenge : Stenciling.

So, to continue with the embossing paste saga……

I’ve been looking around locally for embossing paste, but the best I could come up with was texture/structure paste with some fine sand in it. Here is my experiment with that.


IMG_1291 I was not happy with the result, so I went looking online for an embossing paste recipe.



3 simple ingredients + H2O

Here’s the recipe that I tried:

Homemade Embossing Paste Recipe

1/2 Cup Talc/Baby Powder

1 TBSP White Liquid Glue

1 TBSP Acrylic Paint (I used Blick Artist’s Iridescent White)

Water, to adjust consistency


I tinted the paste with some red acrylic paint.


A nice pink














I haven’t ever used embossing paste before, so I had to guess about the proper consistency. I watched Laura Bassen’s MIM #176 video on coloring embossing paste to see if the paste that I made is close to the store bought kind Laura used. I think it was pretty close in consistency, but I’m not sure about the way mine dries. It seems to be pretty brittle. Is that what regular embossing paste is like? Please let me know! I’m wondering if this will hold up to the stress of being mailed. I made the 9-heart card above for MIM’s Challenge #201.

Here is a slightly different variation of the card above.

IMG_1297 IMG_1294





The design for this next card was inspired by Marion Vagg’s beauty over at MuseΒ  and the color scheme was inspired by CASology’s Monochromatic challenge.

Thanks for stopping by!

Places I’m playing:

Simon Wednesday Challenge Blog

Take It, Make It Challenge






P.S. I also played around with another homemade stencil using PTI’s Peony Cover Plate die. This was very fussy. I tried this twice. This one was my first attempt; the second attempt was a total mess. I’ll have to try this again another time.


IMG_1178 This turned out alright, but I wasn’t totally happy with the result. I’m going to try this one again.



IMG_1188 After it dried, I covered the embossing paste with another die cut and sponged some blue onto the card stock. I also used a pink marker to add color to the edges of the petals. I like the blue, but would use a lighter pink or leave the edges white next time.


28 thoughts on “Pink Embossing Paste Projects

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  5. glad to see I’m not the only one making my own embossing /texture paste…Can’t stand to pay for something I already have in the house and not using anymore… powder:) Doesn’t it smell good???!
    Keep working with that cover-plate, a masterpiece may be just around the corner!!

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  7. Absolutely beautiful Melissa! Your home made embossing paste looks fabulous. I have not been able to find embossing paste locally so have been using modeling paste which looks very similar. Have thought about making my own, will definitely try it now. Great job! Congrats on winning the year of stamps!!!!

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