Cups of Shaker Tea

Hi! Today I have a fun card to share with you.


 I had a lot of fun doing this card! The tea cup stamp from Stampin’ Up lends itself to all kinds of creative possibilities!

I’m playing this over at Virginia’s View Challenge #12.


Before this challenge over at Virginia’s View I hadn’t made shaker cards, but now I’ve been bitten by the shaker bug!

 IMG_0803editedIMG_0810edited  IMG_0843edited

I would like to dedicate this post to Papertrey Ink, even though I didn’t use 1 PTI product on this card! You see, I found out today, via an email from Darnell, that I won PTI’s Year of Stamps contest!!!!! What an AMAZING blessing!

Thank you, Darnell for the sweet congratulations! I really appreciate your kindness. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. You can take a look at the other cards that I made for this challenge here (Peony), here (mini), here (faux), here (bouquet), and here (9).


8 thoughts on “Cups of Shaker Tea

  1. Your shaker card is GORGEOUS, Melissa! Well done on the first try! The tea cup design and ideas are so original and creative! So glad that you give shaker cards a try! Thanks so much for joining the fun over Virginia’s View Challenge!

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  3. I had to stop by to say how much I liked your card from Virginia’s View Shaker Challenge, The colors are so cheery and the I adore all the textures…Then I read your post about You being the winner of ALL the PTI stamps!! Huge Congratulations to you:) I’m going to follow to see what other creative things are made from your winnings.

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  4. You’re very welcome, Melissa! I only wish I could have seen your face as your read the words! Did you clamp your hand over your mouth or just go ahead and squeal out loud? lol! I can’t wait to see all the magnificent cards you make with your extravagant winnings!!

    Your shaker card is another example of your creative eye for design! What a fun and unique shaker card idea! Your execution is flawless, as well! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

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    • Hi Darnell, I got your email in my junk box! (Need to fix that!) After I read your email I thought, “No way! What’s she talking about? I checked the winners list!” Then I went and checked it again and then remembered the year of free stamps. By this time my hands were shaking and I kept thinking, “CALM DOWN!” 🙂 I went to Nicole’s Day 4 post and saw that the announcement was going to be at the web site. I had forgotten about that! I clicked over there and OH WOW! My name was on the front page!!!! I did clamp my hand over my mouth, grabbed the phone and ran downstairs to tell my daughter, or more like yell at my daughter, “I won the YEAR OF FREE STAMPS FROM PTI!” And then, with a loud sob I said, “Thank you, Lord!” (I was thinking about how God blesses me in so many big, little and surprising ways, and how all are very undeserved!) Then I proceeded to BALL like a baby! I then called my husband at work to tell him and yelled up the stairs to tell my son and other 2 daughters. Everyone is very excited here. 🙂 What a super nice surprise for a gray February day. 🙂 I’m so thankful for PTI’s generosity.


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